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SUPERCARD Loyalty Program

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Supercard is a special loyalty program designed for our exclusive members. You will be delighted to find many of our products are cheaper exclusively for our members every day. Besides helping you to save more, you may earn more rewards as you shop with SuperCard.

The SUPERCARD Program is available in participating Super Seven stores ! Get your SuperCard today. Should you need assistance or wanted to find out more about SuperCard, our friendly Customer Service officers are always there to listen and assist you.
Just visit our Customer Services Desk at any Super7 outlet and fill in the SUPERCARD Application Form and collect your SUPERCARD on the spot.


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Earn Super Points!
You get 1 point for every RM1 you spend.

Redemption using accumulated points with your member card. More Super value gifts awaiting you.

Enjoy more saving
You can get exclusive prices on the selected products. Exclusive prices for SuperCard member are featured on labels of selected products.
Our online redemption program allows our exclusive members to redeem attractive gifts throughout the year.

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1. The SUPERCARD application is open to all Malaysian resident. Application is available at any Super Seven outlet. You are required to present your MyKad as a proof of identity after completing the SUPERCARD Application Form.
2. Annual fee for New SUPERCARD member or membership renewal is RM10.00.
3. The membership fee that was charged for a new membership period will NOT be refunded at any time of the new membership period upon customer opt for membership cancellation or disagree on SUPERCARD expiry renewal.
4.Super Seven has the right, at its discretion, to revoke membership privilege or terminate membership for any inappropriate conduct, including, but not limited to, e.g. fraud, abusive, violent, provide false or misleading personal information or failing to comply with SUPERCARD membership terms and conditions.
5.The SUPERCARD Programme is available in participating Super Seven stores and any other store that Super Seven may, at its sole discretion, designate.

1. You get 1 point for every RM1 you spend in Super Seven.
2. Members are required to present their valid membership card prior making payment at the cashier counter for collecting points purpose. Failure to do so may result in points record being denied and any appeal will not be entertained.
3. This SUPERCARD is NOT a credit card or charge card and the points and rewards is NOT transferable or exchangeable.
4. Should a SUPERCARD membership is not renewed over a period of six(6) consecutive months or member cancel the card, all points accumulated in the member's SUPERCARD account will be forfeited.

Lost, Stolen and Damage
1. Super Seven disclaims responsibility for articles lost, stolen or damage to your membership card in the store.
2. You MUST notify our customer services officer immediately for replacing a new membership card and transfer the accumulated points if any.
3. Fee of RM10.00 imposed on any damage or loss for each new card replacement.

Privacy of customer data
1. Super Seven ensure the confidentiality and security of all personal information collected in a manner consistent with our privacy policy. We take reasonable steps to safeguard and prevent unauthorized access to your private information other than Super Seven for promotion, marketing and solicitation purpose.

1. By enrolling as a Super Seven member, these terms and conditions will become a binding agreement between you and Super Seven.
2. All necessary measures were taken to ensure the accuracy of the information in these terms and conditions. Super Seven rejects all liability arising from any error or omission.
3. Super Seven reserves the right to restrict or revise these terms and conditions of SUPERCARD membership at any time without written notice. The updated terms and conditions will be reflected automatically and SUPERCARD members are considered accepted the changes.
4. Super Seven reserves the right to terminate these SUPERCARD programme at any time without written notice.

Who We Are

Super Seven was established since year 2002 for its retailing and wholesales business of grocery products and fresh markets. Operating supermarkets and selling great products has been our core business. With the extensive networks of supplies and its vast experience in this industry, Super Seven is planning its coverage in your vicinity soon. 


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